UI Design, server integration, User Experience.


Create a live platform where hospital data can be honed to a particular user allowing them to respond to trends in real time, together.


An Apple watch and web based app for clinicians and managers that pulls live data into a user friendly experience.


A template for an engaging and time saving app for NHS Trusts.

The hospital Statistics app will allow Clinicians and Managers of NHS Trusts to respond to live metrics in real time

Saves essential time and allows you to respond as individuals or teams

Using an Apple watch allows Managers to keep the app with them at all times while still using the multiple functions an Apple watch offers. 

Key features

  1. Access to metrics such as admissions vs discharges
  2. Instant reply straight from the watch
  3. All users receive data at the same time

Mobile hospital statistics allowing you to respond to your hospitals needs in real time.

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