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The Royal College of Emergency Medicine needed a complete overhaul of their online education system. I was tasked with redesigning every aspect of the new platform alongside launching their podcast, app, and ebook suite
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A complete suite of tools

I have loved working on this project alongside the College and their innovative team. With WordPress at the heart of the RCEM project we developed a suite of online education tools comprising References, Clinical Cases, SAQ’s, Learning Sessions, a blog, and podcast all within 1 website. With now over 1000 Curriculum mapped content items RCEMLearning quickly became the number one member benefit for the College. The design of the platform has enabled the team to release hundreds of new modules since its launch, aiding clinicians in their medical education.

Clinical Cases

Marketing material

Early on in the project it was decided that RCEMLearning would follow the FOAMed (Free Open Access Medical Education) principle as much as possible. All Clinical Cases, Blogs, Podcasts, and References were made free to anyone and worked well as a pull for new users. 

I spent the first couple of years building the Social Media presence allowing the team to instantly reach thousands of clinicians, whether they were College members or not. 

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CPD Diary

A fully customisable CPD Diary was added to the website in 2016 along with an iOS and Android app so that College members had the opportunity to log their CPD with ease. The Diary automatically detects any completed modules and loads up relevant certificates, reflections, and outcomes. It even sends completions to the College eportfolio on a daily basis reducing the effort once needed to sync up online accounts


A number of blogs have been converted into ebooks, enabling information to reach a wider audience. They are designed to hold around 10 blogs each and serve an important role in scenarios such as the new doctor intake each year where someone can have all the relevant information they need in one handy digital book.

RCEM around the World

There have been a number of websites built to enhance the RCEM brand. A WordPress website was built to provide an online space for the new curriculum where changes could be made in minutes and distributed to all members simultaneously. There has also been an RCEMLearning site built for India and Pakistan, and one for Holland, both individually mapped to their curriculum and featuring a bespoke CPD diary.

Dutch RCEM Website
India and Pakistan RCEM Website

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